Airforce JRRTOC


Educate and train JROTC cadets in citizenship, discipline, and promote community service, responsibility, and character,
Provide education in air, space, and leadership fundamentals while providing a challenging and stimulating curriculum with numerous extra-curricular activities
Provide real-world opportunities for cadets to participate in Aerospace Science (AS), Leadership Education (LE), and Physical Fitness Training (PFT) activities and competitions to include: Marksmanship/Air Rifle, Orienteering, Rocketry, Color Guard/Drill and Sports and Warrior Challenges

Career Focus
  • To develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and or community
  • Students who successfully complete two or three years of the AFJROTC program may enlist and enter the military service at a higher rank/pay grade than regular enlistees. Cadets choosing to go to college can apply and compete for service academy scholarships and or Senior ROTC college scholarships

This Level I class provides cadets/students a basic overview and knowledge of the program. The Aerospace Science (AS) curriculum consists of learning about Air Force history, the history of flight and the use of Airpower. In Leadership Education (LE), students learn about the basics of the AFJROTC program while instilling elements of good citizenship. As such, it is the first course taken by new cadets. It contains sections on the local cadet guide, cadet and Air Force organizational structure; uniform wear; customs, courtesies, and other military traditions.


This Level II class provides cadets/students an introduction to broader topics in AS such as space flight and the principle, science, and physics of flight. In LE, cadets are exposed to communication skills/awareness, leadership concepts and strategies, along with life-skills and career opportunities. Drill and ceremonies is also included in this level in a more complex manner. Cadets successfully completing 2 academic program years of AFJROTC will receive a Certificate of Training (AF Form 1256).


This Level III class provides cadets in AS the opportunity to learn more complex theories in flight and space. Students may also be exposed to lessons in basic survival skills and global cultural studies. In LE, cadets will learn a mixture of life skills and career opportunities and an introduction to the principles of management. In this level, cadets will be appointed to key leadership positions in the Cadet Corps and will play a crucial role in running the day-to-day operation of the Cadet Corps. A Certificate of Completion (AFJROTC Form 310) will be awarded to all cadets after successful completion of 3 academic program years of AFJROTC.

In this level, cadets are assigned in a leadership position of managing cadet corps programs by their fourth year in AFJROTC. This hands-on experience affords the cadets the opportunity to put theories of previous leadership courses into practice. Planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, controlling, and decision making will be done by cadets. Cadets will put into practice their communication, decision-making, personal interaction, managerial and organizational skills. All students successfully completing 4 academic years in the AFJROTC program will receive a Certificate of Completion (AJFROTC Form 310).
Airforce JRROTC Program offered at Buckeye Union High School
Major Alan Reyes
Airforce JRROTC Teacher
Tammy Pechac
Airforce JRROTC Teacher